Province: KPK
Constituency No. and Name: NA- 2 - PESHAWAR-II
SNo.PS No.NameMale BoothsFemale BoothsTotal BoothsMale VotersFemale VotersTotal VotersLatitudeLongitude
11GPS Boys Civil Colony/Audit Colony (Male). P*202914091433.990471.5578View MapView Image
11GPS Boys Civil Colony/Audit Colony (Male). P*202914091435.5059372.60558View MapView Image
21Govt: Primary School Asharay (Male)20211680116835.0205872.45911View MapView Image
32Govt: Middle School Asharay (Male)20211730117335.0205872.45911View MapView Image
42GGHS Civil Colony/Audit Colony (Female) P* PS-1022066966933.9913971.56014View MapView Image
42GGHS Civil Colony/Audit Colony (Female) P* PS-1022066966935.5057372.59902View MapView Image
53GGHS Civil Colony/Audit Colony (Female) P* PS-203301351135133.9913971.56014View MapView Image
63Govt: Girls Primary School Asharay (Female)03301813181335.4475372.60095View MapView Image
74Govt: Girls Middle School Asharay (Combined) 2131294979227335.275972.60398View MapView Image
84G Shaheed Ishaq Amin HS Civil Quarters (Female)022097097033.9961671.55109View MapView Image
84G Shaheed Ishaq Amin HS Civil Quarters (Female)022097097035.5047372.5821View MapView Image
95GPS No.2 for boys Civil Quarters (Male) P*30311360113633.9961671.55109View MapView Image
95GPS No.2 for boys Civil Quarters (Male) P*30311360113635.5049672.58257View MapView Image
105Govt: Primary School Galsha (Combined) 22415391021256035.2066872.54589View MapView Image
116Govt: Primary School Kalakot (Combined)112786510129635.13972.53514View MapView Image
126Sub Office TMA Town-4 Nauthia (Male)P* PS-140417550175533.9956771.54788View MapView Image
126Sub Office TMA Town-4 Nauthia (Male)P* PS-140417550175535.5291672.6447View MapView Image
137Sub Office TMA Town-4 Nauthia (Female)P* PS-203301297129733.9956771.54788View MapView Image
147Govt: Girls Primary School Bagh Dehrai Kalakot (Combined)2131145841198635.1474972.53096View MapView Image
158Govt: Girls Primary School Tolai Kalakot (Combined)112597410100735.1452372.53188View MapView Image
189Govt: Primary School Darmai Azad Banda (Male)20215890158935.4794372.58464View MapView Image
2010GGCMHS Nauthia (Female)P*04401646164633.9956771.54788View MapView Image
2111GPS No.3 Nauthia Qadeem (Male) P* PS-1202844084433.9937571.5486View MapView Image
2211Govt: High School Darmai Right Side (Male)20215790157935.0806172.45View MapView Image
2312Govt: High School Darmai Left Side (Female)02201201120135.0806172.45View MapView Image
2513GG Shaheed Ghamish Salman MS No.3 Jander Gali Nauthia Qadeem (Female)P*04401278127833.9939371.54163View MapView Image
2613Govt: Primary School Darmai (Male)20215750157535.0808772.44997View MapView Image
2714Govt: Girls Primary School Darmai (Female)02201150115035.08172.45061View MapView Image
2814GGPS No.1 Jander Gali Nauthia (Male) PS-130311790117933.9939371.54163View MapView Image
2915Govt: Primary School Ragiston (Combined)2131108796190435.0997572.46814View MapView Image
3116Govt: High School Rahat Kot (Male)30321070210735.0757572.47814View MapView Image
3216GGPS Cantt No. 1-3 (Female)04401333133333.9940371.54136View MapView Image
3317G. Shaheed Fazal Rahim MS Nauthia Jadeed (Male) P* PS-140414910149133.9940371.54136View MapView Image
3417Govt: Primary School Rahat Kot Semi Improvised (Female)02201629162935.0757872.47817View MapView Image
3518Govt: Primary School Bara Gat Sakhra (Combined)2241148918206635.0808272.4154View MapView Image
3618G. Shaheed Fazal Rahim MS Nauthia Jadeed (Female) PS-204401696169633.983871.54814View MapView Image
3719Govt: Primary School Kharkai Sakhra (Combined)22416071039264635.0815372.39226View MapView Image
3819GGPS Civil Quarters near Police Post (Female)P*03301191119133.9961671.55109View MapView Image
3920Govt: Higher Secondary School Sakhra (Combined)112692504119635.0841372.39841View MapView Image
4020Co-operative College Lala Rukh Colony /Education Employees Foundation College. (Male) PS-1P*40415170151733.9899671.55689View MapView Image
4121Government Dispensary Kotla Mohsin Khan Nazar Abad (Female)03301094109433.9894471.55492View MapView Image
4221Govt: Primary School Kaga Banda Sakhra (Combined)213944686163035.1367372.38487View MapView Image
4322Govt: Primary School Nowkhara (Combined)2131239790202935.078772.42744View MapView Image
4422Co-operative College Lala Rukh Colony/Education Employees Foundation College (Male) PS-2P*40416470164733.9899671.55689View MapView Image
4523Govt: Primary School Echkanai Semi Improvised (Combined)213963865182835.0684472.43049View MapView Image
4623GPS No. 1 Boys Dehri Baghbanan (Female) PS-1P*03301262126233.9936771.55673View MapView Image
4724Co-operative College Lala Rukh Colony/Education Employees Foundation (Male) PS-3 P*40414640146433.9899671.55689View MapView Image
4824Govt: Middle School Adam Shah (Penday) (Combined)2131082811189335.0912972.38401View MapView Image
4925Govt: Primary School Karinona (Combined)2241065926199135.1071272.39375View MapView Image
5025GPS No. 1 Boys Dehri Baghbanan (Female)P* PS-203301101110133.9936771.55673View MapView Image
5126Co-operative College Lala Rukh Colony/Education Employees Foundation (Male) PS-4P*40417280172833.9899671.55689View MapView Image
5226Govt: Primary School Fazil Baig Gahrai Semi Improvised (Combined)22414181091250935.1379472.38779View MapView Image
5327G. Shaheed Abdullah Ghani HS Landi Arbab (Male )P* PS-140412120121233.9843471.54928View MapView Image
5427Govt: Primary School Charrai (Combined)112663539120235.129972.38937View MapView Image
5528G. Shaheed Abdullah Ghani HS Landi Arbab (Male )P* PS-240411910119133.9843471.54928View MapView Image
5628Govt: Primary School Gahrai Lalkoo (Male) 20217210172135.126272.39201View MapView Image
5729Govt: Primary School Serai Lalkoo (Female)02201437143735.020472.45873View MapView Image
5829GGHS Landi Arbab (Female) PS-1P*022082282233.9836371.54808View MapView Image
5930GGHS, Landi Arbab (Female) PS-2022089689633.9836371.54808View MapView Image
6030Govt: High School Pishmal (Combined) 2131225878210335.4368472.60788View MapView Image
6131GGHS, Landi Arbab (Female) PS-3P*033091891833.9836371.54808View MapView Image
6231Govt: Primary School No.2 Aryanai (Combined) 22415261010253635.4003872.60419View MapView Image
6332Govt: High School Laikot (Combined) 2241318927224535.3237572.60745View MapView Image
6432GGPS, Landi Arbab No.1 (Female)P*022078878833.9814871.54554View MapView Image
6533G. Shaheed Zain Iqbal H.S Manakrao (Male)P* PS-140413210132133.9791371.54609View MapView Image
6633Govt: Primary School No.1 Balakot Semi Improvised (Combined)2131262847210935.2847972.60555View MapView Image
6734G. Shaheed Zain Iqbal H.S Manakrao (Male)P* PS-240413880138833.9791371.54609View MapView Image
6834Govt: Middle School Cham Gahrrai (Combined) 112640449108935.2858572.60547View MapView Image
7035Govt: Girls Primary School Cham Gahrai (Combined)112751521127235.2483272.58706View MapView Image
7136GPS, Manakrao (Male)P*40415540155433.9781371.54386View MapView Image
7236Govt: Primary School Kedam (Combined) 112776545132135.2334572.56808View MapView Image
7337G. Shaheed Hamza Ali Kakar MS Swati Tanki/GPS (Male)P* PS-140411530115333.9767471.53123View MapView Image
7437Govt: Middle School Torwal (Combined) 2241291960225135.3258472.61314View MapView Image
7538Govt: Higher Secondary School Mankyal (Combined)2241541947248835.2761772.60445View MapView Image
7638G. Shaheed Hamza Ali Kakar MS Swati Tanki/GPS (Male)P* PS-240414590145933.9768471.53116View MapView Image
7839Govt: Middle School Ramait Improvised (Male) 20217000170035.0239372.45789View MapView Image
7940Govt: Girls Primary School Ramait (Female)02201143114335.3324172.64715View MapView Image
8040GGPS Swati Tanki (Female)P* PS-103301312131233.9773871.53123View MapView Image
8141GGPS Swati Tanki (Female)P* PS-203301019101933.9773871.53123View MapView Image
8241Govt: Primary School Badai Semi Improvised (Combined)2241532979251135.1854672.53998View MapView Image
8342Govt: Middle School Ayeen (Male) 30315360153635.1855872.54005View MapView Image
8442GGMS, Swati Gate, Peshawar (Female)P* PS-103301132113233.9773871.53123View MapView Image
8643Govt: Primary School Ayeen (Female) 03301185118535.2139472.56252View MapView Image
8744GMS Charkha Khel (Male)P* 40414810148133.983871.54814View MapView Image
8844Govt: Primary School No.1 Darolay Semi Improvised (Combined)2241031772180335.2349372.59106View MapView Image
8945Govt: High School Gornai (Male) 20213760137635.2340572.58925View MapView Image
9045GGPS Charkhana (Female)P* 03301056105633.983871.54814View MapView Image
9146G. Shaheed M. Sahiban HS Nauthia Qadeem (Female)P* PS-130310700107033.9937571.5486View MapView Image
9246Govt: Primary School No.1 Gornai (Female)02201146114635.2342672.58855View MapView Image
9347Govt: Girls Primary School Gornai (Combined) 112613508112135.2282372.47008View MapView Image
9447G. Shaheed M. Sahiban HS Nauthia Qadeem (Female)P* PS-230314900149033.9937571.5486View MapView Image
9548G. Shaheed M. Sahiban HS Nauthia Qadeem (Female)P* PS-330312200122033.9937571.5486View MapView Image
9648Govt: Primary School Guntanr Bahrain (Combined) 2241310904221435.2257672.49668View MapView Image
9749Govt: Primary School Areen (Rented) Improvised (Combined)112789633142235.0259172.44463View MapView Image
9950Shaheed Hassan Zeb GGHS No. 1 Peshawar Cantt (Female) PS-1 P*04401264126433.9949571.53659View MapView Image
10050Govt: High School Bahrain Right Side (Male)20214800148035.2064172.5461View MapView Image
10151Govt: Primary School Bahrain Right Side (Female) 02201257125735.2066872.54589View MapView Image
10251Shaheed Hassan Zeb GGHS No.1 Peshawar Cantt (Female) PS-2P*04401377137733.9949571.53659View MapView Image
10352G. Shaheed Fahad Hussain CMHS No.4 Peshawar Cantt (Female) PS-1P*02201139113933.9934771.5369View MapView Image
10452Govt: High School Bahrain Left Side (Male)20216250162535.2064172.5461View MapView Image
10553Govt: Primary School Bahrain Left Side (Female) 02201311131135.1928872.53934View MapView Image
10653G. Shaheed Fahad Hussain CMHS No.4 Peshawar Cantt (Female) PS-2P*02201007100733.9934771.5369View MapView Image
10754G. Shaheed Fahad Hussain CMHS No.4 Peshawar Cantt (Female) PS-3P*033094294233.9934771.5369View MapView Image
10854Govt: Girls High School Bahrain (Combined) 2241145929207435.1787172.53436View MapView Image
10955Govt: Primary School Satal Kuza Gahrrai Right Side (Male)30320510205135.1787172.53436View MapView Image
11055G. Shaheed Syed Afaq Ahmad HS No. 3 Peshawar Cantt. (Male) PS-1P*40415320153234.0005671.5508View MapView Image
11156G. Shaheed Syed Afaq Ahmad HS No. 3 Peshawar Cantt. (Male) PS-2P*40412980129834.0005671.5508View MapView Image
11256Govt: Primary School Satal Kuza Gahrrai Left Side (Female)03301652165235.1687572.52912View MapView Image
11357Govt: Primary School Cham Satal (Combined) 22414371115255235.1401772.53455View MapView Image
11457G. Shaheed Syed Afaq Ahmad HS No. 3 Peshawar Cantt. (Male) PS-3P*40412870128734.0005671.5508View MapView Image
11658Govt: Higher Secondary School Madyan Right Side (Male)30313480134835.1401772.53455View MapView Image
11759Govt: Higher Secondary School Madyan Left Side (Male)30317530175335.069972.47357View MapView Image
11859GMS Boys Rasakey Nodeh Payan (Male) PS-1 P*40413340133433.9786771.51976View MapView Image
11960GPS No.2 Nodeh Payan Inside GMS (Male) 40411480114833.9786771.51976View MapView Image
12060Govt: Girls Primary School Kuz Kalay Madyan (Female)03302266226635.1401772.53455View MapView Image
12161Govt; Primary School Madyan Right Side (Male)30318410184135.1401772.53455View MapView Image
12261GGHS Bara Line (Female) PS-1 P*03301192119233.9783571.51971View MapView Image
12362GGHS Bara Line (Female) PS-2 P*03301487148733.9764771.51913View MapView Image
12462Govt: Primary School Madyan Left Side (Male)30314230142335.139172.54008View MapView Image
12563Govt: Girls High School Madyan (Female)03301405140535.1395372.54032View MapView Image
12663GGHS Bara Line (Female) PS-3 P*03301373137333.9764771.51913View MapView Image
12764GGPS Bara Line No.2 Inside GGHS (Female) 033069269233.9783571.51971View MapView Image
12864Agriculture Office Madyan (Female)02201033103335.1563872.59301View MapView Image
12965G. Shaheed Aiman Khan HS Nodeh Payan (Male )P* PS-1202947094733.9764771.51913View MapView Image
13065Govt: Middle School Dabargay (Combined) 213855541139635.1560672.58989View MapView Image
13166Govt: Primary School Dabargay (Combined)112635444107935.143272.56007View MapView Image
13367G. Shaheed Aiman Khan HS Nodeh Payan (Male) PS-330311370113733.9764771.51913View MapView Image
13467Govt: Primary School Badalai (Combined)213979705168435.1575272.54207View MapView Image
13568Govt: Middle School Kalagay (Combined) 2131137785192235.1579472.51378View MapView Image
13869Govt: Middle School Pardesha (Combined)2131102752185435.0566672.4734View MapView Image
13970Govt: Primary School Paklai (Combined)112824593141735.1314772.481View MapView Image
14171GGPS Abdara (Female)P*03301193119333.9830571.5107View MapView Image
14271Govt: Primary School Terat Dara (Combined) 213973751172435.1343272.50768View MapView Image
14372Govt: Primary School Shameray (Combined) 22414481031247935.1241272.5151View MapView Image
14673Govt: Girls Primary School Kalagram (Combined)112603437104035.1196672.51624View MapView Image
14774Govt: Primary School Damana (Rented) (Combined) 112653494114735.1190572.5061View MapView Image
14975GPS No.2 Pawaka (Female) PS-1 02201090109033.9832971.50025View MapView Image
15075Govt: Primary School Terat (Combined) 112731552128335.1144372.50505View MapView Image
15176Govt: Primary School Shigal (Combined) 11255144899935.1053872.50307View MapView Image
15477Govt: High School Qandil (Male)20216830168335.1056472.50302View MapView Image
15578Govt: Primary School Qandil (Female)02201226122635.1469572.52367View MapView Image
15779GGHSS School University Town (Female)P* PS-103301099109934.0002471.4992View MapView Image
15879Govt: Primary School Kwaro Shahgram (Combined) 213843649149235.043472.46758View MapView Image
15980Govt: Primary School Shagai Shahgram (Combined) 22413301083241335.129172.61315View MapView Image
16181Govt: Middle School Bashigram (Male) 20214710147135.1291572.61285View MapView Image
16281Secondary Board Office, Jamrud road, Peshawar (Male) P*40419670196733.9982771.47237View MapView Image
16382T & T office, Jamrud road, Peshawr (Female)04401525152533.9979771.46926View MapView Image
16482Govt: Primary School Bashigram (Female)02201060106035.129272.61225View MapView Image
16583Govt: Girls Primary School Bashigram (Combined) 22415131103261635.1240572.59852View MapView Image
16683UPS, Jamrud road, Peshawr (Male)40416800168033.9979471.4749View MapView Image
16784UPS, Hostle Jamrud road, Peshawr (Female)03301255125533.9979971.47936View MapView Image
16884Govt: Primary School Shinkoo (Male)40423610236135.1256972.59555View MapView Image
16985Govt: Girls Primary/Middle School Shinkoo (Female)02201678167835.1402572.58267View MapView Image
17085GMS Rural Academy, Peshawar (Male)40412380123833.9926271.48701View MapView Image
17186Office of the T.M.O. Town-III University Town (Female)03301157115733.9908171.48867View MapView Image
17286Govt: High School Chail (Combined) 112694538123235.1402972.58267View MapView Image
17387Govt: Primary School Chail (Combined) 2131119794191335.4806772.58574View MapView Image
17487Islamia Collagate School Peshawar (Male)P* PS-140413220132234.0003771.48196View MapView Image
17688Govt: Primary School No.1 Kalam (Combined) 2131292860215235.4875872.57632View MapView Image
17789Govt: Girls Primary School No.2 Kass Kalam (Combined)213678469114735.0972472.43713View MapView Image
17889GGHS near Cofee Shop University Campus (Female)P* PS-104401092109234.0014571.4818View MapView Image
18090Govt: Higher Secondary School Kalam Secondary Section (Male)30318850188535.4794372.58464View MapView Image
18191Govt: Higher Secondary School Kalam High Portion (Female)02201266126635.4655972.58218View MapView Image
18291Islamia College, Peshawar (Male)P*40411550115533.9983971.48186View MapView Image
18392GGPS near Cofee Shop University Campus (Female)P*033091691634.0012471.48181View MapView Image
18492Govt: Middle School Jalbanr (Male)20215050150535.4652672.58179View MapView Image
18593Govt: Primary School Jalbanr (Female)02201081108135.4745472.60405View MapView Image
18693Law College Peshawar University (Combined) P*213629446107534.0068471.48705View MapView Image
18794Income Tax Office Jamrod Road (Male) PS-140412670126733.9996871.4949View MapView Image
18894Govt: Middle School Boyun (Combined) 112773510128333.990471.5578View MapView Image
18894Govt: Middle School Boyun (Combined) 112773510128335.5059372.60558View MapView Image
18995Govt: Primary School Shahoo (Combined) 2131110692180233.9913971.56014View MapView Image
18995Govt: Primary School Shahoo (Combined) 2131110692180235.5057372.59902View MapView Image
19095Income Tax Office Jamrud Road (Male) PS-240412680126833.9996871.4949View MapView Image
19296Govt: Girls Primary School Banr Kalay Kargalo (Combined)11257539396833.9961671.55109View MapView Image
19296Govt: Girls Primary School Banr Kalay Kargalo (Combined)11257539396835.5047372.5821View MapView Image
19397Govt: Primary School Ashoran (Male)30315540155433.9961671.55109View MapView Image
19397Govt: Primary School Ashoran (Male)30315540155435.5049672.58257View MapView Image
19497GHS Gharibabad Tehkal Bala (Female) PS-1 P*04401330133034.0169171.53365View MapView Image
19598GHS Gharib Abad Tehkal Bala (Female) PS204401563156334.0169171.53365View MapView Image
19698Govt: High School Ashoran (Female)02201103110333.9956771.54788View MapView Image
19698Govt: High School Ashoran (Female)02201103110335.5291672.6447View MapView Image
19799Govt: Middle School Bafar Oshoo (Combined)2131131757188833.9956771.54788View MapView Image
19899GPS Behari Colony (Male) P*40412600126034.0151971.53415View MapView Image
199100GGPS Behari Colony (Female)P*033089189134.0169171.53365View MapView Image
200100Govt: Primary School Matiltan (Combined) 112760488124835.5415372.66125View MapView Image
201101Govt: High School Matiltan (Combined) 112874581145535.5422972.66162View MapView Image
202101G. Shaheed Muhammad Ali Rehman MS Irrigation Colony Warsak Road (Male)202663066334.0248171.53308View MapView Image
204102Govt: Primary School Churat Matiltan (Combined) 112702421112335.535872.67815View MapView Image
205103Govt: Primary School Palogah (Combined) 11228518246735.6061272.68858View MapView Image
208104Govt: Primary School Sazgal (Combined) 112750413116335.4984672.44476View MapView Image
209105Govt: Primary School Utror (Combined) 2131092644173635.4907972.46817View MapView Image
210105GPS No.2 inside G. Shaheed Muhammad Shaheer HS Tehkal Payan (Male) PS-140412750127534.0141171.52796View MapView Image
212106Govt: Higher Secondary School Utror Right Side (Male) 40422170221735.4907572.46609View MapView Image
213107Govt: Higher Secondary School Utroor Left Side (Female)02201355135535.4907572.46609View MapView Image
215108GPS No.1 Gulay Baba Tehkal Payan (Female) PS-103301195119534.0138771.52706View MapView Image
216108Govt: Primary/Middle School Gabral (Combined)213863517138035.5144172.42242View MapView Image
217109Govt: Primary School Bela Gabral Improvised (Combined)2131079629170835.5286972.41289View MapView Image
221111Govt: Primary School Karin Gabral (Combined)22415561097265335.5707572.41962View MapView Image
224112Govt: Primary School Gujjar Gabral (Combined)213837555139235.5609772.41741View MapView Image
225113Govt: Higher Secondary School Charbagh Right Side (Male)30318950189534.8317872.44094View MapView Image
226113G. Shaheed Azan Toryali HSS Tehkal Bala (Male) PS-3P*40417560175634.0130671.51338View MapView Image
227114G. Shaheed Azan Toryali HSS Tehkal Bala (Male) PS-4P*40423570235734.0146371.51247View MapView Image
228114Govt: Girls Higher Secondary School Charbagh Secondary Section (Female)02201546154634.8340172.43562View MapView Image
229115Govt: Higher Secondary School Charbagh Left Side (Male)20213440134434.8317872.44094View MapView Image
230115GGMS Tehkal Bala (Female) PS-104401115111534.0146371.51247View MapView Image
232116Govt: Girls Higher Secondary School Charbagh Higher Section (Female)02201094109434.8340172.43562View MapView Image
233117Govt: Primary School No.2 Charbagh (Male) 30322290222934.8351572.44373View MapView Image
234117GPS for Boys Tehkal Payan (Female) P* PS-103301201120134.0119471.52742View MapView Image
236118Govt: Girls Primary School No.2 Charbagh (Female) 02201761176134.8339572.43553View MapView Image
237119Govt: Primary School Kot Charbagh (Male) 30318190181934.8168872.42668View MapView Image
238119GGC of Commerce and Management Sciences Arbab Road (Male) PS-I40418090180934.0010971.50414View MapView Image
239120GGC of Commerce and Management Sciences Arbab Road (Female) PS-204401390139034.0010971.50414View MapView Image
240120Govt: Girls Primary School Kot Charbagh (Female)02201398139834.817272.42699View MapView Image
241121Govt: Darul Uloom Islamia Charbagh (Combined)2131049874192334.8342572.44195View MapView Image
243122Govt: Primary School No.1 Charbagh (Male)20213210132134.8314772.44064View MapView Image
245123Govt: Middle School Charbagh (Female)02201039103934.8343272.44204View MapView Image
246123GPS No. 1 Tehkal Bala, Tanga Stand (Male) PS-340413040130434.0113171.50255View MapView Image
247124GGCHS, Tehkal Bala (Female) PS-104401580158034.0113171.50255View MapView Image
248124Govt: Primary School Mangwaltan (Combined) 112767613138034.8493972.48346View MapView Image
249125Govt: Primary School Ashar Banr (Combined)213845666151134.8610272.49245View MapView Image
250125GGCHS, Tehkal Bala (Female) PS-204401952195234.0107971.50231View MapView Image
251126GGCHS Tehkal Bala (Female) PS-3 P*04402183218334.0107971.50231View MapView Image
252126Govt: Girls Primary School Zangay (Combined)112601484108534.8522972.49167View MapView Image
253127Govt: Middle School Alamganj (Male) 40423460234634.9039472.44831View MapView Image
256128Govt: Primary School Alamganj (Female) 03301812181234.9039472.44831View MapView Image
257129Govt: High School Gulibagh (Male) 20216560165634.875772.43764View MapView Image
258129GGPS No 2 Haji Khel, Tehkal bala Female P*022093993934.0183771.49639View MapView Image
259130GHS Palosi Makdarzai (Male) PS-1 P*30312140121434.041371.48564View MapView Image
260130Govt: Girls Primary School Gulibagh (Female)02201237123734.8763572.43814View MapView Image
261131Govt: Primary School Gulibagh (Combined) 11255241096234.8758772.43783View MapView Image
262131GHS Palosi Makdarzai (Male) PS-230311240112434.041371.48564View MapView Image
264132Govt: Middle School Dakorak (Combined) 213925702162734.8643572.43864View MapView Image
265133Govt: Primary School Dakorak (Combined) 213870637150734.8642572.43804View MapView Image
266133GPS Maghdarzai (Female) PS-1 P*03301162116234.044271.48902View MapView Image
267134GPS Maghdarzai (Female) PS-2 P*03301099109934.044271.48902View MapView Image
268134Govt: Primary School Alabad (Male)30322330223334.8503172.44413View MapView Image
269135Govt: Girls Middle Primary School Alabad (Female)02201630163034.8475672.44729View MapView Image
270135GGPS Palosi Atozai (Male) P*40413600136034.032971.4863View MapView Image
271136GMS Palosi Atozai (Female) PS-1 P*03301295129534.0330471.48625View MapView Image
272136Govt: Girls Primary School Tetai Wala (Combined) 112689522121134.8550772.46169View MapView Image
273137Govt: Primary School Rorya (Male)20212810128134.8736572.47549View MapView Image
274137GMS Palosi Atozai (Female) PS-2 P*03301479147934.0330471.48625View MapView Image
275138GMS Palosi Talarzai (Male) PS-1 P*40413420134234.0324671.49723View MapView Image
276138Govt: Girls Primary School Rorya (Female)022098598534.8723472.47552View MapView Image
277139Govt: High School Sair (Male)30320720207234.8229172.50897View MapView Image
278139GMS Palosi Talarzai (Male) PS-2 P*30312020120234.0324671.49723View MapView Image
279140GGMS Palosi Talarzai (Male) PS-130311450114534.0324671.49723View MapView Image
280140Govt: Primary School No.2 Sair (Female)02201546154634.8280372.52397View MapView Image
281141Govt: Girls Primary School Taligram (Male) 30318840188434.8260672.49556View MapView Image
283142GGPS Palosi Talarzai (Female) PS-1 P*022090890834.0334671.49678View MapView Image
284142Govt: Girls Middle School Taligram (Female) 02201440144034.823272.49397View MapView Image
285143Govt: High School Toha (Combined)112718604132234.863472.52293View MapView Image
286143GGPS Palosi Talarzai (Female) PS-2 P*033085785734.0334671.49678View MapView Image
288144Govt: Primary School No.1 Toha (Combined) 112591489108034.8551272.52422View MapView Image
291146GGPS 2-3 Fazlay Kalay Ragi Lalma (Female) 04401735173534.009671.43233View MapView Image
292146Govt: Girls Primary School Shaltaloo (Combined)112858673153134.8606172.55627View MapView Image
293147Govt: Higher Secondary School Kishawra (Combined)2131085777186234.8443972.54707View MapView Image
294147GHS Police Colony, Peshawar (Male) PS-140412530125334.0164771.45792View MapView Image
295148Govt: Girls Primary School Speni Oba (Combined) 213928696162434.837272.57075View MapView Image
297149GGPS Police Colony, Peshawar (Female)04401538153834.0136671.45827View MapView Image
299150Govt: Primary/Middle School Koo Malam Jabba (Combined)213859650150934.809972.56672View MapView Image
300150GPS for Boys Agricultrual University (Male) P*40420370203734.0198671.47834View MapView Image
301151GGPS Aggricultrual University (Female) P*04401357135734.0195171.47843View MapView Image
302151Govt: Middle School Ganajir (Combined) 2131140944208434.8813472.54981View MapView Image
303152Govt: Primary School Serai (Combined) 112566507107334.8841272.57666View MapView Image
304152GHS Lakarai (Male)P*40414410144134.0464771.48299View MapView Image
305153GGPS Lakarai (Female) P*03301044104434.049971.48235View MapView Image
306153Govt: Primary School Mangar Kot (Combined) 213884752163634.8769172.57172View MapView Image
307154Govt: Primary School Khwazakhela (Male)40422560225634.9364572.47459View MapView Image
308154GPS No.5 L-3 (3 Marlas Scheme) (Male) P*40417820178233.9877871.45914View MapView Image
309155Govt: Girls Primary School Bhatai, Khwaza khela (Female)02201790179034.9293372.464View MapView Image
310155GHS/GPS No. 6 L-3 (3 Marla Scheme) (Female)04401495149533.9904871.45919View MapView Image
311156GGPS No.6 K-2 Phase-III Street 4 (Male)P* PS-140415910159133.9792471.45331View MapView Image
312156Govt: High School Bhatai Khwazakhela (Male)20212470124734.9299272.46547View MapView Image
313157Govt: Primary School Kuz Kelay Khwazakhela Left Side (Female) 02201000100034.9374972.46522View MapView Image
314157GGPS No.6 K-2 Phase-III Street 4 (Male)P* PS-240419510195133.9792471.45331View MapView Image
315158JICA Model School Japan K-6, Phase-III near Basharat Market (Female) P*04401415141533.9846171.45671View MapView Image
316158Govt: Higher Secondary School Khwazakhela (Male)20217500175034.9411172.46967View MapView Image
317159Govt: Primary School Kuz Kalay Khwazakhela Right Side (Female)02201393139334.9374972.46522View MapView Image
318159GGPS No.3 J-4 Hayatabad (Female)P* PS-1 04401771177133.9749871.44954View MapView Image
319160GGPS No.3 J-4 Hayatabad (Female)P* PS-204401474147433.9749871.44954View MapView Image
320160Govt: Primary School Bandai Khwazakhela (Male)30320560205634.9255372.46273View MapView Image
321161Govt: Girls Primary School Bandai Khwazakhela (Female)02201643164334.9254672.4627View MapView Image
322161GPS No.4 J-5 Behari Colony Hayatabad (Male)40415580155833.9714271.45039View MapView Image
323162GHS Hayatabad (Male) P* E-2 near Lalazar Market40415960159633.9708171.43224View MapView Image
324162Govt: Girls Primary School Gashkor (Combined)22412821002228434.9137572.45158View MapView Image
325163Govt: Primary School Landay Kass Khwazakhela (Male)30325240252434.9378172.47873View MapView Image
326163GMS/GPS No.2, E-3, Hayat Abad (Female)P*04401379137933.968971.42979View MapView Image
327164GGPS Sector D/4 near Super Market Hayatabad (Female)P*04401763176333.9782571.43468View MapView Image
328164Govt: Girls Primary School Khwazakhela (Female)02201893189334.9415372.46857View MapView Image
329165Govt: Primary School Tekdarai (Male) 20216710167134.9452272.46682View MapView Image
330165GGHSS Sector D-1, Hayatabad (Male) P*40411960119633.9779971.43821View MapView Image
331166GPS No.1, Sector D-3, Street No.15 (Male) P404818081833.979871.43681View MapView Image
332166Govt: Girls Primary School Tekdarai (Female)02201309130934.9490272.46468View MapView Image
333167Govt: Primary School Dambara (Combined) 22414131051246434.9562672.4863View MapView Image
334167GDC Phase-6. Hayat Abad Male PS-1P*40417600176033.9554471.44296View MapView Image
335168GDC, Phase-6, Hayat Abad (Female) PS-2P*04401509150933.9554471.44296View Map