Province: Punjab
Constituency No. and Name: NA- 64 - SARGODHA-I
SNo.PS No.NameMale BoothsFemale BoothsTotal BoothsMale VotersFemale VotersTotal VotersLatitudeLongitude
11 Government Boys High School Thanil Kamal 20210160101633.1481472.71834View MapView Image
32Government Boys High School Thanil Kamal 022095195133.1481472.71834View MapView Image
63Government Girls High School Thanil Kamal 022086386333.1378972.73004View MapView Image
74 Government Girls High School Thanil Kamal 202972097233.1378972.73004View MapView Image
105 Government Boys Primary School Haraj 112611598120933.1616372.75916View MapView Image
116Government Boys Elementary School Dhoke Mureed 11240637878433.1359472.80654View MapView Image
147Government Boys Elementary School Ghug 224870792166233.1300472.74813View MapView Image
158Government Boys High School Mehro Peelo112599591119033.0680672.72215View MapView Image
189Government Girls Primary School Dingi Bala11233128761833.1029372.7252View MapView Image
1910Government Girls High School Mehro Peelo 213586608119433.0608972.72575View MapView Image
2211Government Primary School Gah . 213644606125033.0627372.6536View MapView Image
2312Government Elementary School Bigal (Primary Portion)213617573119033.0456472.65112View MapView Image
2613Government Primary School Soher11235739174833.0931672.63298View MapView Image
2714Government Elementary School Khara 213645656130133.0848972.63697View MapView Image
3015Government Model Primary School Marath 11245944790633.0194972.63514View MapView Image
3116Government Elementry School Neela 11239436075433.1617972.61906View MapView Image
3417Basic Health Unit Neela 224804770157433.1732872.6217View MapView Image
3518Government Girls Model Primary School Dhok Ranjha11245337783033.1476272.6459View MapView Image
3819Government Girls High School Neela 224766703146933.167372.61202View MapView Image
3920Government High School Dullha 30314740147433.1609972.69258View MapView Image
4221Government High School Dullah 02201416141633.1609972.69258View MapView Image
4322Government Primary School Jabbi 224944773171733.137672.62402View MapView Image
4623Government Primary School Dhoke Dabri 224792731152333.1087572.69193View MapView Image
4724Government Primary School Chackoka Dullah. 30313800138033.1949772.68628View MapView Image
5025Government Primary School Chackoka Dullah. 02201303130333.1949772.68628View MapView Image
5126Government Girls Elementary School Balo Kassar 224688699138733.0287472.80576View MapView Image
5427Government Model Primary School Shah Pur 11238245383533.0552872.82396View MapView Image
5528Government High School Othwal 202958095833.0334872.79463View MapView Image
5829Government High School Othwal 022088788733.0334872.79463View MapView Image
5930Government Girls High School Jamalwal 20210800108033.0700372.78822View MapView Image
6231Government Elementary School Jamalwal 02201072107233.0672372.79292View MapView Image
6432Government High School Mengan20211610116132.9633472.74821View MapView Image
6633Government High School Mengan02201141114132.9633472.74821View MapView Image
6834Government Girls Elementary School Mengan11241638880432.9626272.74403View MapView Image
7035Basic Health Unit Mengan112609583119232.96272.74171View MapView Image
7136Government Primary School Bullhay Bala 213609564117332.9761272.75634View MapView Image
7437Government Model Primary School Dhaku .11249946095932.9615272.80211View MapView Image
7638Government Girls Community Model School Chak Bhoun 213592638123032.9935172.75134View MapView Image
7839Government Primary School Chak Bhoun 224679682136132.9884972.74782View MapView Image
7940Government High School Vero 112502523102533.0136272.74777View MapView Image
8241Government Primery School Dhok Lari 11223318641933.0582272.69623View MapView Image
8442Government Girls Elementary School Lakhwal 202961096133.0221372.75987View MapView Image
8643Government Girls Elementary School Lakhwal 022088388333.0221372.75987View MapView Image
8844Government Boys High School Mangwal 20210240102433.110572.82796View MapView Image
9045Government Boys High School Mangwal 022097897833.110572.82796View MapView Image
9246Government Girls High School Mangwal 30311390113933.1105772.82915View MapView Image
9447Government Girls High School Mangwal 02201046104633.1105772.82915View MapView Image
9648Government Boys Priamry School Rawal Bala 20210210102133.0959272.85582View MapView Image
9849Government Girls Primary School Rawal Bala 022096696633.0978172.85532View MapView Image
10050Government Girls Primary School Latifal 213645586123133.1499972.83241View MapView Image
10251Government Girls High School Sikaryala 224819781160033.1225272.85014View MapView Image
10352Government Boys Primary School Khanwal 224725656138133.1070972.79356View MapView Image
10653Government Girls Primary School Mooly 11235432267633.066972.88279View MapView Image
10854Government Model Primary School Siral 11241939681533.091472.91774View MapView Image
10955Government Girls Primary School Dhoke Alfoo 11247847895633.089972.88349View MapView Image
11256Government Boys High School Jethal 40415490154933.1144972.90704View MapView Image
11457Government Girls Primary School Jethal . 04401486148633.1154272.91031View MapView Image
11558Government Boys Elementary School Sarkal Kassar 202978097833.1433172.90251View MapView Image
11859Government Girls Primary School Sarkal Kassar 022095195133.1470972.90568View MapView Image
12060Government Girls High School Kot Iqbal 30311480114833.0657772.91737View MapView Image
12161Government Boys Elementary School Kot Iqbal 02201127112733.0655372.91776View MapView Image
12462Government Boys High School Fim Kassar . 40414580145833.0783872.93726View MapView Image
12563Government Girls Elementary School Fim Kassar . 04401463146333.0799872.93421View MapView Image
12864Government Boys Elementary School Parhal 30311780117833.0860872.95953View MapView Image
12965Government Girls Elementary School Parhal 03301210121033.0957672.96402View MapView Image
13266Pakistan International Secondary School Dhudial 20211120111233.0727772.97436View MapView Image
13367Pakistan International Secondary School Dhudial 02201043104333.0727772.97436View MapView Image
13668Government Boys High School No.2 Dhudial 40413210132133.0639272.96794View MapView Image
13769Government Degree College for Women Dhudial. 03301309130933.0639472.96801View MapView Image
14070Office of the SDO (IESCO) Dhudial 224860784164433.0593972.96422View MapView Image
14171Government Boys High School Union Council No.1 Dhudial 40414330143333.0675772.97031View MapView Image
14472Government Girls Primary School Talab Mairan Dhudial 03301316131633.069172.97388View MapView Image
14573Government Girls High School , Dhudial 20210300103033.0664772.97193View MapView Image
14874Government Girls High School , Dhudial 02201020102033.0664772.97193View MapView Image
14975Government Boys High School Sang Kalan . 224841881172233.0926773.00846View MapView Image
15276Government Model Primary School Sang Khurd . Campus No.211240641982533.08573.00324View MapView Image
15377Government Girls Primary School Mohra Thaneel 224894860175432.8768472.85486View MapView Image
15678Government Girls Elementary School Dab 112548475102332.9008472.88356View MapView Image
15779Government High School Tatral 40414240142432.9156472.85973View MapView Image
16080Government High School Tatral03301306130632.9156472.85973View MapView Image
16181Government Girls High School Tatral 40414140141432.9131372.86054View MapView Image
16482Government Girls High School Tatral 04401390139032.9131372.86054View MapView Image
16583Government Primary School Sutwal 224809759156832.8983272.86629View MapView Image
16884Government Girls High School Kotha Abdal224630662129232.8850772.89845View MapView Image
16985Government Elementary School Mohra Kor Chasm202987098732.877372.90182View MapView Image
17286Government Elementary School Mohra Kor Chasm022092292232.877372.90182View MapView Image
17387Government Girls Primary School Chak Bazeed . 224951838178932.9789672.90493View MapView Image
17688Government Boys High School Chakral 40411380113832.9288272.95View MapView Image
17789Government Girls High School Chakral 02201133113332.9214772.95467View MapView Image
18090Government Girls Model School Udhwal 1 40412110121132.9268872.94502View MapView Image
18191Government Model School Udhwal No.2 03301188118832.9311172.93876View MapView Image
18492Government Primary School Chattal 30311130111332.9078772.95194View MapView Image
18593Government Girls Elementary School Chattal 03301143114332.9082972.94766View MapView Image
18894Government High School Frid Kassar 224756718147433.0419672.92783View MapView Image
18995Government Boys Primary School Dhok Wadan 11249146495533.022272.94364View MapView Image
19296Government Girls High School Farid Kassar (Elementary Portion)20210300103033.040772.92471View MapView Image
19397Government Girls High School Farid Kassar (Elementary Portion)022094594533.040772.92471View MapView Image
19698Government Girls Primary School Dhab Loharan 11248949998833.001272.85371View MapView Image
19799Government Elementary School Dhab Kalan 224761787154832.9933972.87026View MapView Image
200100Government Primary School Dhab Pari 11242541083533.0007972.89898View MapView Image
201101Government Girls Community Model School Chak Naurang 40411930119333.0020372.93285View MapView Image
204102Government Girls Community Model School Chak Naurang 03301106110633.0020372.93285View MapView Image
205103Government High School Chak Naurang 224899888178733.0041272.94104View MapView Image
208104Government Girls High School Dhab Pari 224622601122332.9999372.89657View MapView Image
209105Government Girls Primary School Dhab Khushal 224577585116232.9905272.87515View MapView Image
212106Government Elementary School Thanil Fatohi 224712716142832.9703372.8475View MapView Image
213107Government Girls Elementary School Thanil Fatohi 40412480124832.9770172.8497View MapView Image
216108Government Girls Elementary School Thanil Fatohi 03301149114932.9770172.8497View MapView Image
217109Government Elementary School Jabair Pur 20213660136632.9232372.88851View MapView Image
220110Government Elementary School Jabair Pur 02201300130032.9232372.88851View MapView Image
221111Government Girls High School Jabair Pur 224873802167532.9249172.8858View MapView Image
224112Government Primary School Dhoke Bodly Shah (Jabair Pur) 11233431364732.9181672.87952View MapView Image
225113Government Boys Primary School Karhan 112543537108032.9141272.90663View MapView Image
228114Government Girls Community Model Elementary School Behkari 40412610126132.9628372.87817View MapView Image
229115Government Girls Community Model Elementary School Behkari 03301303130332.9628372.87817View MapView Image
232116Government Primary School Noorwal 224753787154032.9426572.88725View MapView Image
233117Government Girls Elementary School Pinwal . 40413550135532.9508772.8905View MapView Image
236118Government Girls Elementary School Pinwal . 03301300130032.9508772.8905View MapView Image
237119Government Elementary School Oudherwal 02201059105932.9320972.81623View MapView Image
239120Government Elementary School Oudherwal 20211020110232.9320972.81623View MapView Image
242121Government High School Chakora 11242041783732.9268972.80291View MapView Image
243122Government Girls Elementary School Oudherwal11231732063732.932872.81585View MapView Image
245123Government Girls High School Chakora 224965927189232.9273672.80408View MapView Image
248124Government Girls Elementary School Oudherwal 20210380103832.932872.81585View MapView Image
249125Government Girls Elementary School Oudherwal 022097097032.932872.81585View MapView Image
252126Government High School Sadwal 40414790147932.8788172.82585View MapView Image
253127Government High School Sadwal 04401436143632.8788172.82585View MapView Image
256128Government Girls High School Sadwal202991099132.8806872.82718View MapView Image
257129Government Girls High School Sadwal022097397332.8806872.82718View MapView Image
260130Government High School Murid . 40413340133432.9118972.75628View MapView Image
261131Government Girls High School Murid 03301241124132.9116172.75397View MapView Image
264132Government Boys High School Murid 202926092632.9118972.75628View MapView Image
265133Government Boys High School Murid 202985098532.9118972.75628View MapView Image
268134Government Girls High School Murid 022099799732.9116172.75397View MapView Image
269135Government Girls High School Murid 022092392332.9116172.75397View MapView Image
272136Government Boys High School Murid (Primary Portion)20210160101632.9118972.75628View MapView Image
273137Office of the Union Council Murid 02201027102732.9115172.75405View MapView Image
276138Government Elementary School Khoday 224818841165933.0112872.82479View MapView Image
277139Government High School Minwal 30311290112933.0440272.85499View MapView Image
279140Government Girls High School Minwal 02201145114533.0447372.85419View MapView Image
282141Government Girls Primary School Murhal 11239839579333.0378772.85033View MapView Image
283142Government Model Primary School Joya Mair 112537532106933.0089672.81296View MapView Image
286143Government Girls Primary School Bikhari Khurd 213587537112433.1722172.7287View MapView Image
288144Government High School Narang 40412280122833.1754472.76882View MapView Image
289145Government Girls High School Narang 03301192119233.1767572.7704View MapView Image
292146Oxford Academey, Bilal Masjid Street Faisal Colony, Chakwal. 40413660136632.9348372.83437View MapView Image
293147Oxford Academey, Bilal Masjid Street Faisal Colony, Chakwal. 03301309130932.9348372.83437View MapView Image
296148Government MC, Girls Primary School No. 5 Mohallah Behari Colony Chakwal224702619132132.9354172.8427View MapView Image
297149Municipal Stadium Madina Town Chakwal 202867086732.9360372.84064View MapView Image
300150Municipal Stadium Madina Town Chakwal 022083983932.9360372.84064View MapView Image
301151Office of Deputy District Officer Buildings Work and Services Department Chakwal022074074032.9331272.84862View MapView Image
304152Office of SDO Public Health Engineering Department Chakwal 202726072632.93372.84842View MapView Image
305153Government Girls Elementary School Masoodabad, Nishat Colony, Chakwal. 30311700117032.9424872.84402View MapView Image
308154Government Girls Elementary School Masoodabad, Nishat Colony, Chakwal. 03301061106132.9424872.84402View MapView Image
309155Government Elementry School Muhammad Ali Chakwal224823852167532.9393972.85072View MapView Image
312156Government Girls High School No.2 Chakwal Mohallah Line Park30312560125632.9399572.85098View MapView Image
313157Government Girls High School No.2 Chakwal Mohallah Line Park03301268126832.9399572.85098View MapView Image
316158The Legends School System (Mumtaz Acedemy near Milat Chowk) Chakwal 40413520135232.9488372.85129View MapView Image
317159The Legends School System (Mumtaz Acedemy near Milat Chowk) Chakwal 04401190119032.9488372.85129View MapView Image
320160Government Girls Primary School Ashraf Town Mohallah Jaffarabad, Chakwal 224731649138032.9499672.85665View MapView Image
321161Fauji Foundation Model School No.2 Pindi Road, Chakwal. 202974097432.9512372.86235View MapView Image
324162Fauji Foundation Model School No.2 Pindi Road, Chakwal. 022091491432.9512372.86235View MapView Image
325163Punjab Small Industries Pindi Road, Chakwal. 202695069532.9561872.86614View MapView Image
328164Social Security Dispensary Small Industrial State, Chakwal. 022060160132.9564172.86486View MapView Image
329165Government Girls Primary School Dhoke Momin pindi Road, Chakwal20210300103032.9374872.86207View MapView Image
332166Government Girls Primary School Dhoke Momin pindi Road, Chakwal022099699632.9374872.86207View MapView Image
333167Government Post Graduate College, Chakwal 202946094632.935672.8617View MapView Image
336168Government Post Graduate College, Chakwal 022098998932.935672.8617View MapView Image
337169Government MC Primary School No. 2, Committee Bagh, Chakwal224868869173732.9352472.85484View MapView Image
340170Government Primary School, Ashraf Town 3 Marla Scheme, Chakwal. 03301053105332.9481572.86789View MapView Image
341171District Sports Complex Near Rawalpindi Road, Chakwal40410890108932.9458972.86762View MapView Image
344172District Sports Complex Near Rawalpindi Raod, Chakwal 40411840118432.9458972.86762View MapView Image
345173District Sports Complex, Near Rawalpindi Raod, Chakwal 02201087108732.9458972.86762View MapView Image
348174Government Girls High School No.4, Dhoke Feroz, Chakwal 202932093232.9411472.87025View MapView Image
350175Government Girls High School No.4, Dhoke Feroz, Chakwal 022087187132.9411472.87025View MapView Image
351176Government Boys High School, No.2, Pinwal Road, Chakwal 224744755149932.9394872.87093View MapView Image
354177Government Girls Primary School Mohallah Farooqi, Chakwal. 224871868173932.9329772.86701View MapView Image
355178Office Of The District Welfare Population Welfare Officer Jhelum Road Chakwal40413020130232.928472.86572View MapView Image
358179Office of the District Food Controller, Chakwal04401214121432.9282572.86628View MapView Image
359180Government MC Girls Primary School No.3 Mohallah Ghausia Chakwal02201045104532.9256872.86868View MapView Image
362181Government MC Girls Primary School No.3 Mohallah Ghausia Chakwal30310820108232.9256872.86868View MapView Image
363182Government Deaf & Deam School Tatral Road Chakwal20210400104032.9235172.86115View MapView Image
366183Government Deaf & Deam School Tatral Road Chakwal022097297232.9235172.86115View MapView Image
367184Government Girls Elementary School Kot Ganish, (Sarpak) Chakwal04401330133032.9240172.8602View MapView Image
370185Government Girls Elementary School Kot Ganish, (Sarpak) Chakwal40413170131732.9240172.8602View MapView Image
371186Government MC Girls Elementary School Chappar Chowk Chakwal20210590105932.9324272.85822View MapView Image
374187Government MC Girls Elementary School Chappar Chowk Chakwal022095095032.9324272.85822View MapView Image
375188Government MC Boys School Bhoun Chowk Chakwal04401446144632.9315172.85681View MapView Image
378189Government MC Boys School Bhoun Chowk Chakwal40414420144232.9315172.85681View MapView Image
379190 Government Girls High School No.1 Chakwal40411980119832.930972.85489View MapView Image
382191 Government Girls High School No.1 Chakwal02201072107232.930972.85489View MapView Image
383192Government MC Primary Boys & Girls School No. 2 Chakwal. 40419250192532.9266172.85624View MapView Image
386193Government MC Primary Boys & Girls School No. 2 Chakwal. 04401895189532.9266172.85624View MapView Image
387194Government Deaf & Deam School Tatral Road Chakwal20210040100432.9235172.86115View MapView Image
390195Government Deaf & Deam School Tatral Road Chakwal02201028102832.9235172.86115View MapView Image
391196Government High School No. 1 Chakwal03301354135432.932572.85609View MapView Image
394197Government High School No. 1 Chakwal40413350133532.932572.85609View MapView Image
395198Government Blind School Tatral Road, Chakwal202929092932.9237772.86035View MapView Image
398199Government Blind School Tatral Road, Chakwal022087987932.9237772.86035View MapView Image
399200Government Islamia High School, Bhoun Road, Chakwal02201030103032.9275972.85059View MapView Image
402201Government Islamia High School, Bhoun Road, Chakwal20211080110832.9275972.85059View MapView Image
403202Government Girls Primary School Qaid Abad, Shah Multani Chakwal20211070110732.9164372.84137View MapView Image
406203Government Girls Primary School Qaid Abad, Shah Multani Chakwal02201041104132.9164372.84137View MapView Image
408204Government Primary School Islamia Chakwal224708689139732.9278172.85241View MapView Image
409205 Government College for Women Part II Chakwal40414780147832.9287672.84205View MapView Image
412206Water Management / Old Government Girls High School No.5 Chakwal04401327132732.9315372.84303View MapView Image
413207Women Hostal of Women College Chakwal30311360113632.9288572.84264View MapView Image
415208Women Hostal of Women College Chakwal02201030103032.9288572.84264View MapView Image
418209Government Girls High School No.3 Sargijra Chakwal022096196132.9275272.84338View MapView Image
419210Government Girls High School No.3 Sargijra Chakwal20210160101632.9275272.84338View MapView Image
422211Government College for Women Main Building Chakwal224812747155932.9293672.8423View MapView Image
423212Office of Union Council Bhoun 40412510125132.8609672.76045View MapView Image
426213Office of Union Council Bhoun 02201121112132.8609672.76045View MapView Image
427214Government College for women Bhoun 03301496149632.8541572.75792View MapView Image
430215Government College for women Bhoun 40415520155232.8541572.75792View MapView Image
431216Government Boys High School Bhoun 40414430144332.8634172.75826View MapView Image
433217Government Boys High School Bhoun 04401366136632.8634172.75826View MapView Image
436218Government Girls High School Bhoun 40412200122032.8599872.7599View MapView Image
437219Government Girls High School Bhoun 03301210121032.8599872.7599View MapView Image
440220Government Boys & Girls Primary School No.1 Bhoun40412720127232.8600372.76014View MapView Image
441221Government Boys & Girls Primary School No.1 Bhoun03301172117232.8600372.76014View MapView Image
444222Government Boys Elementary School Khai30314510145132.8349672.77752View MapView Image
445223Government Girls Primary School Khai 03301384138432.8342772.77647View MapView Image
448224Government Boys Primary School Shamas Abad 11234931866732.8235572.80878View MapView Image
449225Government Girls Primary School Thoa Hamayun 112542561110332.8484672.79433View MapView Image
452226Government Boys Primary School Mohra Awan 40417460174633.0132973.05589View MapView Image
453227Government Girls Elementary School Mohra Awan 04401694169433.014273.05546View MapView Image
456228Government Boys Higher Secondary School Padshahan . 40416270162733.0166573.04116View MapView Image
457229Government Girls High School Padshahan 04401437143733.0049573.03612View MapView Image
460230Government Girls Elementary School Chohan . 224803802160533.0246273.06978View MapView Image
461231Government Boys High School Hasola 20210270102733.0453273.08377View MapView Image
464232Government Boys High School Hasola 022093593533.0453273.08377View MapView Image
465233Government Boys Primary School Lohaisar 213741620136133.0546173.06599View MapView Image
467234Government Boys Elementry School Doray 022090290233.0437573.03239View MapView Image
469235Government Boys Elementry School Doray 202920092033.0437573.03239View MapView Image
472236Government Girls Primary School Miswal 224675685136033.0495673.00359View MapView Image
473237Government Girls Elementary School Mohra Alho 202941094133.0710473.0141View MapView Image
476238Government Girls Elementary School Mohra Alho 022091591533.0710473.0141View MapView Image
477239Government Boys High School Jand 022097897833.060573.13251View MapView Image
480240Government Boys High School Jand 20210230102333.060573.13251View MapView Image
481241Government Girls Primary School Saue 112525480100533.071173.14512View MapView Image
484242Government Girls Elementary School Langha 202909090933.0674273.09566View MapView Image
485243Government Girls Elementary School Langha 022089789733.0674273.09566View MapView Image
487244Government Girls High School Domali11221724145833.0972273.08651View MapView Image
489245Government Boys Elementary School Langha 202929092933.0611573.0971View MapView Image
492246Government Boys Elementary School Langha 022096896833.0611573.0971View MapView Image
493247Government Boys Primary School Dhoda 40417050170533.0467873.11026View MapView Image
496248Government Girls Elementary School Dhodha 04401704170433.0478673.10759