According to the Delimitation of Constituencies Act, 1974, the constituencies for elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies are to be delimited after every census. As the census report 1998 has been published, the constituencies are being delimited, afresh; keeping in view the number of seats allocated.


All constituencies are required to be delimited having regard to the distribution of population in geographically compact areas, existing boundaries of administrative units , facilities of communication , public convenience and other cognate factors to ensure homogeneity in the creation of constituencies. All constituencies for the general seats are, as far as possible, equal in population. The Election Commission, which for this purpose is called the Delimitation Commission, publishes a preliminary list of constituencies and invites representations thereon. The Commission after hearing and considering the representations , if any received by it , makes such amendments , alterations or modifications in the preliminary list as may be necessary. It then publishes in the Official Gazette the final report and the list of constituencies.