Press Release - Clarification regarding EVM (click here to open)    ORDER dated 22-12-2021 - Petition under section 4, 8, 15, 95(5) and 229 of the Elections Act 2017 readwith Rules 2 and 47 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government (Conduct of Election) Rules, 2021 (click here to open)    Provisional Result LG Elections KP 2021 - Phase-1 (click here to open)    ORDER - Fact finding inquiry for the incident took place Tehsil Baka khel of district Bannu (click here to open)    NA-75(Sialkot-IV)ECP has constituted an Inquiry Committee to scrutinize the conduct of the officers/officials through formal inquiry proceedings (Click here to open)    National Voters Day 2021 (click here to open)    IT Consultant -Vacancy in ECP Secretariat Islamabad (click here to open)    Directive - LG Election in Sindh, Balochistan and ICT delimitation process (click here to open)    Voter Awareness Campaign Revision of Electoral Rolls for General Elections 2023 (click here to open video message)    ORDER- Fact finding inquiry in respect of Bye Election NA-75 Sialkot IV (Daska) held on 19-2-2021 (click here to open)    ECP makes 8300 SMS service free of cost till 31st  December 2021    Vacancies in Election Commission of Pakistan (click here to open)    Inquiry against Administrative Officers, Presiding Officers and Security Staff - NA-75 SIALKOT-IV (click here to open)    Election Commission of Pakistan releases Statistics of Final Electoral Rolls, Registered Male Voters = ​66,506,171.-Registered Female Voters=​54,693,799.-Total Registered Voters=121,199,970.  as on 4th November 2021(click here to open)    Order of Hon Commission regarding LG Elections in KP 2021 - 4th November 2021 (click here to open)    Notification regarding PP-206 Schedule and DRO, RO and ARO of constituency No. PP-206 Khanewal-IV(click here to open)    LG Elections KPK -Code of Conduct for Political Parties, Contesting candidates, Election Agents and Polling agents (click here to open)    Code of of conduct for political parties regarding bye election in PP-206 Khanewal-IV (click here to open)    Publication of Draft Amendment in the Election Rules, 2017 (click here to open)    ORDER regarding Local Bodies Elections to be held in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) -  (click here to open)    Schedule for conduct of LG Elections Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (First Phase) -  (click here to open)    ORDER  21-10-21 CORRIGENDUM (click here to open)    Posting and transfer in ECP (BS-17 officers) (click here to open)    Press Release - Local Government Elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (click here to open)     ORDER - Conduct of Local Government Elections in the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(click here to open)    Notification of Schedule and appointment of DRO, RO and ARO regarding NA-133 Lahore-XI (click here to open)    Posting and Transfer(BS-17-BS-18) in Election Commission of Pakistan (click here to open)    Posting and Transfer(BS-19-BS-21) in Election Commission of Pakistan (click here to open)     Notification of Returned Candidates of Cantt LGE-2021 (click here to open)    Information relating to Local Government Elections - Cantonment Boards (click here to open)    Training Material Cantonment (click here to open)    ECP Annual Report 2020 (click here to open)    Election Commission of Pakistan Complaints Management System (click here to register any complaint)    Register your CNIC / Voter registration - Video Message from ECP (Click here to open)    Check your Vote - Video message from ECP (click here to open)    Click here to open ECP Facebook Account (click here to open)    Click here to open ECP YouTube Account (click here to open)