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 Islamabad, the 5th January 2011.-   The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will provide SMS facility to the general public, for checking their vote registration, particulars etc. at Rs 2.00 per SMS only which has been kept as minimum as possible.  For this purpose, the sender will send his CNIC number to a prescribed short code and will subsequently receive a message in Urdu. It will confirm registration of voter as well as location (electoral area) where voter is registered along with serial number of voter in electoral rolls. Details on the procedure and short code for the service will be announced as soon as the Preliminary Electoral Rolls-2011 are ready to be displayed for twenty-one days at 55,000 display centres all over the country.

A press release, about the decision of ECP about fixation of Rs.2 per SMS for verifying voting details, has already been issued on30th November, 2011 that is also available on the ECP official website [].  In continuation of this, a signing ceremony of MoU between the ECP-NADRA and Telecom companies had already bee held on 27th December, 2011 in which the Secretary ECP, Chairman, Deputy Chairman NADRA and representatives of the Telecom companies were also present.
Mr. Ishtiak Ahmed Khan, Secretary ECP has termed this facility a major milestone in the electoral history of Pakistan to engage over 85 million voters directly and great convenience to the citizens enabling them to check their status of vote through one SMS at rupees two only for the first time in such a major electoral exercise in the world.